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Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (CNYRTA) was awarded the best midsized transit company in north america by American Public Transit Association (APTA). CNYRTA provides bus services for Onondaga, Cayuga, Oswego and Oneida Counties. Centro Parking Inc. is a division of CNYRTA in which we operate the parking garages for SUNY.

If you would like to pursue a career at Centro click on the link to see the positions that are available: Job Listings. We also advertise in the area newspapers and the NYS Department of Labor when job openings are available.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The CNYTRA has on many occasions expressed its support and commitment to the principles of equal employment opportunity. It is therefore the policy of CNYRTA, in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws, not to discriminate against an applicant for employment or any employee, or to tolerate harassment of our employees because of race, color, religion, age gender or national origin or ancestry, marital status, veteran status, physical or mental disability unrelated in nature and extent to and individual’s ability to perform the essential functions of his or her job and any other classifications or categories protected by the federal, state or local laws. Job applicants and current employees are evaluated solely on ability, experience and job performance.

Employment At Will

Employment-at-will is the legal principle which allows employees to resign employment at anytime without providing a reason. The law also allows employers to terminate the employment of any employee for any reason without the requirement to explain the reason. However, no employer may terminate the employment of any person for reasons of discrimination which are defined in the equal employment opportunity policy.

Drug Free Workplace

CNYRTA is committed to providing a safe work environment and to fostering the well-being and health of its employees. That commitment is jeopardized when any CNYRTA employee uses illegal drugs or alcohol on the job, comes to work with these substances present in his/her body, or possesses, distributes, or sells drugs in the workplace.

The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 requires the establishment of Drug-Free Workplace policies and the reporting of certain drug related offenses to the Company. The Drug-Free Workplace policy is incorporated into the CNYRTA Substance Abuse Policy. The requirements of the policy apply to safety-sensitive employees and all other employees of CNYRTA.

The purpose of the Drug-Free Workplace Policy and the Substance Abuse Policy is to assure worker fitness for duty and to protect our employees, passengers, and the public from the risks posed by the use of alcohol and prohibited drugs. These policies are also intended to comply with all applicable regulations governing anti-drug use in the workplace, specifically the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation in 49 CFR Parts 40 and 655 promulgated and amended under the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991. These regulations are incorporated by reference into the Substance Abuse Policy and copies will be made available for review by employees when requested. The Substance Abuse Policy requires a program consisting of urine drug testing and breath alcohol testing for all employees responsible for both safety-sensitive and non-safety sensitive functions. The Substance Abuse Policy and the Drug-Free Workplace Policy will be kept current to comply with any applicable new or revised federal regulations.


Click here for a CNYRTA Application you can print, complete and either mail or bring into the main Centro Office. We are located at 200 Cortland Ave in Syracuse, NY. Our mailing address is:

Human Resources
CNY Centro Inc.
PO Box 820
Syracuse, NY 13205


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Service Alerts

Centro provides service alerts to inform customers of reroutes or service delays due to inclement weather, traffic, special events, or other uncontrollable circumstances. For more information regarding reroutes or other schedule changes, contact Centro's Call Center at: (315) 442-3400.

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