Fare Deal Program


Commuter Tax Benefits

With Centro’s Fare Deal Program, non-driving commuters can reduce their bus fare costs. Today, many companies reimburse their employees for parking costs. Now, employers also have an opportunity to help their bus-riding employees.

Centro’s Fare Deal Program allows employers to offer their employees convenient, cost-efficient transportation to and from work. As an added convenience, employers can even elect to make Centro Ride Passes available to employees at their place of business.

The Transit Benefit Law provides employers with a monthly tax-free transit allowance of $255 per employee to support the use of public transit. This tax advantage allows employers to subsidize part or all of their employees' bus fare. In doing so, employers enjoy a nice tax savings in addition to helping to defray their employees' commuting costs - A Fare Deal. Alternately, employers may opt to offer employees the option of paying for their transit costs using pre-tax dollars of up to $255 per month with no added cost to the employer.

What’s the benefit as an employer?

  • You have the opportunity to provide equal support to employees who drive to work, as well as those who don’t.
  • The Fare Deal Program can be used as a recruiting aid and can even help boost morale.
  • Savings on parking costs and parking subsidies are realized when employees switch to lower-cost transit.
  • Offering a way for more employees to take the bus to work can increase the amount of available parking for your customers and clients.

How do your employees benefit?

  • Reduced transit costs are incurred by employees using Centro transportation.
  • The knowledge that both driving and non-driving employees can also reduce their transportation costs may improve morale.
  • Eliminates gas, parking, maintenance, and miscellaneous costs associated with driving to and from work.
  • A subsidy offers driving employees the option of becoming Centro riders – a more convenient and less stressful commuting method.

Getting started is easy. Contact Centro at (315) 442-3300 to speak with a representative and learn more about the benefits of the Employer Fare Deal Program.

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