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Transportation Projects



Centro to Reshape Public Transit Systems

 Centro is looking to reshape its public transit systems and diversify transit options for its customers. “The commuting habits within the communities we serve are rapidly evolving and we need to evaluate and respond accordingly,” said Centro Chief Executive Officer Brian Schultz. “Part of our assessment will be the most comprehensive review of our Syracuse route system in more than 20 years and the implementation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.”

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Exploring Tomorrow’s Transit (ETT) is a public engagement effort by Centro and the SMTC to better understand our community’s diverse needs, and expectations around public transit. As transportation needs, especially commuting, continue to evolve – accelerated in part by the COVID-19 pandemic – Centro recognizes there may be options beyond the traditional fixed-route, “hub and spoke” bus service to best meet the needs of the community. ETT will explore future designs of the Centro system in Onondaga County, including options such as on-demand services and bus rapid transit, as well as changes in geographic coverage and frequency. The information gathered through this effort will be used by Centro in their long-term service planning.

If you want to participate in Exploring Tomorrow’s Transit there are a variety of opportunities to get involved. To watch the presentation, complete the survey, attend an open house, participate in a community discussion, or read about ETT in the news go to: https://smtcmpo.org/centroett/

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As you may have heard, Centro is bringing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to Syracuse. It will be the foundation of a reshaped Centro route system and will be the most significant financial investment in public transportation Central New York has seen in decades.

This $35 million transformative capital project would not be possible however without the support of our leaders in Washington led by Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY).  Over the past two years, Centro has received nearly $19 million dollars above its normal allocation of capital funds.  Additionally, we were awarded $3 million in the recently passed 2023 Omnibus Appropriations Bill that will be used towards our BRT project to purchase buses and create bus stations along the BRT corridors.

Our vision is to create BRT along the routes recommended by the Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council's SMART1 study.  The targeted James Street to OCC via South Avenue and Syracuse University to the RTC corridors have significant ridership and growth potential.

BRT is different from our traditional transit bus service.  BRT buses will look different; run more frequently; make fewer stops; and will utilize new and enhanced bus stations.  A robust BRT system will help people get to jobs, reduce poverty in our community, and reduce our reliance on automobiles.

Our process will begin with community outreach this winter and will evolve in the coming year.  This type of investment in our community infrastructure will certainly make a difference in people’s lives.  We are truly thankful for the ongoing support of our elected officials which ensures positive changes like BRT will continue in our community.

(Brian Schultz, CEO)


MOVE is Cento's Flexible Option, operated in Rome. When you’re ready to go, book a shared ride straight from your phone, track your driver in real time, and get picked up in a comfortable vehicle. Commute, explore the sights, or get just about anywhere in Rome you need without breaking the bank

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Centro has partnered with Veo, a Chicago-based manufacturer of electric bikes and scooters, to expand the current bike-/ scooter- share program beyond the City of Syracuse. Centro leaders are currently working with local municipalities to determine the best locations for this type of program.

Centro Partners with Veo to Expand E-Bike & E-Scooter Program to OCC

To learn more about Veo's products and services go to veoride.com/syracuse. Questions will be answered by calling the number on the bike or scooter (855-VEO-2256) or by emailing Veo at hello@veoride.com.