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Board of Members

To submit a comment or concern to the Centro Board of Members, please send to:

200 Cortland Avenue
PO Box 820
Syracuse, NY 13205-0820
ATTN: Board of Members

For general comments and questions regarding Centro's services and daily operations, please contact Centro's Customer Service Department at (315) 442-3333 or email us directly.

Laino - Nicholas

Nicholas F. Laino

Chairman - Oneida County

Cuculich - Robert

Robert F. Cuculich

Vice Chairman - Onondaga County

Lattimore - Darlene

Darlene D. Lattimore

Secretary - Cayuga County


Tina Fitzgerald

Treasurer - Onondaga County


Joseph A. Hardick

Member - Onondaga County

Williams - Louella

Louella Williams

Member - Onondaga County


John M. Riley Jr.

ATU Business Agent
(Non-Voting Member)


Board Meetings

Regular monthly Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (Centro) Board meetings are usually held in the Board Room (200 Cortland Ave, Syracuse, NY 13202 - the main entrance is located on Tallman St) on the 4th Friday of each month starting at 9:30, 10:00 or 10:30 a.m., depending on the number of committee meetings scheduled. Committee meetings are usually held immediately prior to the regular meetings, as necessary. At minimum, an Audit & Finance Committee meeting is held each month prior to the Regular Monthly Meeting. Legal, Personnel, Pension and Governance are other committees that typically meet multiple times per year.

The date of a particular regular monthly meeting may be modified from the normal 4th Friday due to national holidays, such as Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The starting time of a particular regular monthly meeting may vary based on the number and anticipated complexity of committee meetings, or other special situations. Specific times, dates and types of meetings which are either anticipated or have been formally scheduled for the upcoming month are listed in the box below.

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule 2020-2021


Date and Time
Agenda Packet
Legal Committee - November 2020
11/20/2020, 09:00 AM
Audit & Finance Committee - November 2020
11/20/2020, 09:30 AM
Board Meeting - November 2020
11/20/2020 Following Committee Meetings
Board Meeting - December 2020
12/18/2020 Following Committee Meetings
Board Meeting - January 2021
01/22/2021 Following Committee Meetings
Board Meeting - February 2021
02/26/2021 Following Committee Meetings
Board Meeting - March 2021
03/26/2021 Following Committee Meetings



Board of Members Meeting - November 2020

Date / Time: 11/20/2020 - 10:00am

Location: Live Stream

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Centro is taking every precaution to keep its employees and customers safe by encouraging social distancing and limiting room capacities for all public meetings.
Centro invites the public to join us via live stream for our Board of Members meeting. Click Here to join the Live Stream.

If you have questions regarding public attendance at Centro Board of Members Meetings please contact Centro at (315) 442-3300.

To view past meeting on Centro's YouTube channel CLICK HERE.


Past Board and Committee Meetings 2020-2021


Meeting Minutes
Board Meeting - January 2020
Board Meeting - February 2020
Board Meeting - March 2020
Board Meeting - April 2020
Board Meeting - May 2020
Board Meeting - June 2020
Board Meeting - July 2020
Board Meeting - August 2020
Board Meeting - September 2020
Board Meeting - October 2020

The meetings will be held at the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (Centro) Main Offices located at 200 Cortland Ave, Syracuse, NY 13202.

Documents relative to each Regular Monthly Meeting will be attached to a link which is created in this area prior to each meeting. The agenda may be amended by the addition, modification or deletion of items for discussion.