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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find my Bus Stop ID#?

When using the "Track-By-Text," "Trip Planner." or "Bus Tracker" applications, it is useful to know your Bus Stop ID#. At this time, Centro bus stops are catalogued online but are not physically numbered. To find your Bus Stop ID#, CLICK HERE

Are audio devices allowed on Centro buses?

Yes - audio devices are permitted on Centro devices; however, devices must be used at a level that does not disturb the driver or other passengers. Customers wishing to listen to loud music or audio must do so using earphones.

Does Centro offer riders a reduced fare option?

Centro offers reduced rate bus fare to persons with disabilities, seniors, and children  ages 6-9. To ride for reduced fare, customers must show a combination of a Medicare Card and Photo I.D. or present a Centro Reduced Fare I.D. Card at boarding.
Reduced Fare I.D. Cards (replace the need to show a Medicare Card and Photo I.D.) may be purchased from local Centro offices. Click here for more information.

Do the fareboxes accept dollar coins?

Yes. Centro buses accept Sacagawea dollar coins – as well as the presidential dollar coins, Susan B. Anthony dollars, and Kennedy ½ dollar coins.

How do I read a Centro schedule?

To use the schedule, find a timepoint on the map that is near where you want to catch the bus. Then find the letter above the timetable on the inside that corresponds to that time point. Underneath each letter, approximate times the bus will be at that location are shown. Be sure to read the schedule left to right, as that is the direction the bus is traveling.

Will the bus make stops that are not listed on the schedules?

Centro bus schedules cannot list all of our stops on a particular route. Centro buses will stop at all locations along a particular route where blue Centro bus stop signs are posted, unless otherwise stated on a schedule.

Please note that Centro’s Auburn-Syracuse and Oswego - Syracuse intercity bus lines are what we call “flag-stop” routes. While there are some blue Centro bus stop signs along these routes, the driver will pick-up passengers who stand at a safe location along the route and signal to the driver they wish to be picked up.

How do I transfer between buses?

You may transfer from one bus route to a second route to complete a one-way trip. As you board the first bus and pay your fare, ask the driver for a transfer card. Transfers are free. When boarding the second bus, insert the transfer into the farebox as payment of your fare. Please be aware that transfers are issued with an expiration time, requiring you to board the first available bus at your transfer location.

Does Centro operate on holidays?

On New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Centro in Syracuse and Onondaga County operates on a Sunday/Holiday schedule. Regular route service is provided on all other holidays.

It is important to note that Centro service in Oneida, Oswego and Cayuga counties does not operate on the above listed holidays, including intercity routes to Syracuse. Please call your local Centro office for more information.

Are Centro buses accessible for persons with disabilities?

All Centro buses are equipped to accommodate devices that are classified as a “common wheelchair” according to regulations set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Centro buses are equipped with mobility lifts or ramps to assist customers in boarding the vehicle.

Are animals allowed on Centro buses?

Centro permits service animals on its buses for persons with disabilities. Centro bus operators are authorized to ask customers if the boarding animal is a pet. If the passenger responds that it is not a pet and indicates that it is a service animal, the passenger will be allowed to board with their animal without further question or delay.

Pets are also permitted on Centro buses as long as they are in a carrier; however, if the pet is disruptive and acts aggressive then the bus operator can ask the passenger to exit the bus with their pet.

Does Centro have a Lost and Found?

Items found on Centro buses are turned in to Lost and Found. If you lose something on a Centro bus, please call us at (315) 442-3400 or email us at cnyrta@CENTRO.ORG. If you happen to find an item while riding a Centro bus, please give it to the bus operator who will turn it in to Lost and Found.

Centro holds lost and found items for pickup for a period of 15 days. Unclaimed items will be disposed of after 15 days.

Items may be claimed at Centro’s office Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM. 

NOTE: For health & safety reasons, Centro does not retain any clothing items.

Can I bring a bicycle on a bus?

All full-sized Centro buses operating in Onondaga, Cayuga and Oswego counties can accommodate bicycles. Most buses are equipped with bicycle racks on the front of the bus that can hold up to two (2) bicycles simultaneously. Other buses have storage compartments beneath the seating area. It is important to note that drivers cannot assist in the usage of the bicycle racks located on the front of the buses. Bike racks on Centro buses will accommodate bicycles with tires up to 2 and 1/4" wide by 27" high. Photo of person loading a bike into the bike rack on a bus

Can I bring a baby stroller  / collapsible cart on the bus?

Any passenger may board or alight the bus with a stroller or collapsible cart in the following ways:

  • Requesting to use the lift with the child in the stroller (especially in full size strollers).
  • Removing the child from the stroller prior to boarding.

Centro will not allow customers to physically carry strollers with a child in the stroller, or belongings in carts, onto or off the bus. Please make sure that all strollers and carts are folded up and stowed while the bus is in motion.

The stroller or cart must be stored in a manner that it does not block the aisle of the bus.

Are there items that are not allowed on the bus?

For everyone’s convenience and safety, we ask that the following items not be brought on the bus:

  • Open containers of food or drink
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Pets – unless they are caged

Note: Smoking or vaping is prohibited on Centro buses or facilities owned or operated by Centro or its subsidiaries.