M/WBE Program


Welcome to the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority’s (Centro's) Minority & Women Owned Business webpage. Centro is committed to offering procurement opportunities and fostering business relationships for New York State certified minority and woman-owned firms.

M/WBE Defined

Article 15-A of the Executive Law, signed into law on July 19, 1988, authorized the creation of a division of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise Development to promote employment and business opportunities on State contracts for minorities and women. Under this statute, State authorities are charged with establishing business participation goals for minorities and women.

**This requirement applies to all purchases, including construction related services, non-construction related services, commodities, supplies, equipment, and materials < $25K**

Unless otherwise noted, the Centro has established a company-wide participation goal of 20% for every formal procurement contract. These goals have been published in Centro's Master Goal Plan: State Fiscal Year 2013-14.

**All competitive procurements will include this as the basis for establishing contract-specific goals**

Centro is serious about achieving its MWBE participation goals. It is incumbent upon Centro to assist vendors and hold them accountable for demonstrating best efforts to achieve agency goals.

NYS Executive Order #8 - Article 15-A Regulations 140-145

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Please direct all M/WBE questions to:

Caitlin MacCollum
Senior Director of Procurement 

Phone: (315) 442-3381
Fax: (315) 442-3301