Sale of Surplus Equipment

The Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (Centro) auctions vehicles / materials / equipment via Public Surplus. Auction opportunities are listed on the Public Surplus website.

To view current auction items CLICK HERE.


  • Bids may only be placed via the Public Surplus auction website.

  • It is not necessary to register to view auctions.

  • To bid, select “register” and follow the process. Instructions to Bidders will be on the website. If further help is required, select the “chat” feature in the upper right hand corner of the website.

FTA Rules and Regulations

When vehicles/materials/equipment have reached the end of their defined useful life, The Central New York Regional Transportation Authority will auction off the surplus equipment according to the following FTA Rules and Regulations:

  • FTA recipients may use electronic bidding and reverse auctions.

  • Value: Procurements with a value of $100,000 or less may be conducted through electronic bidding or reverse auctions. If permitted under State or local law, procurements with a greater value may also be conducted through electronic bidding or reverse auctions. The recipient may acquire the services of a contractor to manage electronic bidding and conduct reverse auctions.

  • Procedures: Although neither FTA nor the Office of Federal Procurement Policy have established a formal definition of “reverse auction” or formal procedures for reverse auctions for Federal Government or Federal assistance purposes, the U.S. Comptroller General has approved the following procedures for reverse auctions of less than $100,000:

    • Notification: The buyer “will notify potential participants of an upcoming auction, specifying the time that the auction will start and close.”

    • Bid or Quote Submission: Those who choose to participate will submit bids or quotations to the online auction website.

    • Information Displayed During the Auction: During the auction, the website will display the property to be inspected, the current lowest quotation, and the time remaining in the auction.

    • Information Not Displayed During the Auction: The website will not display the names of vendors, any other identifying information, or the time at which quotations were submitted.

    • Information Displayed at the End of the Auction: At the close of the auction, competing vendors will be able to view all submitted quotations, as well as the winning quotation.

    • Information Provided at the End of the Auction: The buyer will provide the name of the winning vendor and its quotation to unsuccessful vendors, but not the identity of the unsuccessful vendors.

“Provided the grantee and its third party contractor comply with FTA’s Third Party Contracting requirements, the grantee may use a third party contractor to conduct the auctions. Because the DOT Common Grant Rules at 49 C.F.R. § 18.32(d)(5) and 49 C.F.R. § 19.34(f)(6) direct the grantee to sell that property for the highest return, FTA suggests that the auction contract include a requirement to place an advertisement  in the local paper in advance of the sale and/or put a notice on the agency’s internet page saying that on “x” date the vehicles are being auctioned on behalf of the grantee and telling interested people how to contact the auctioneer.” (http://www.fta.dot.gov/13057_6122.html)