Vendor FAQs


The following information is being provided to assist vendors in identifying those solicitations for which they are best qualified to submit a bid or proposal. The information is not a substitute for the official procurement documents. All award decisions are based solely on the content of the official bid documents.


How can I find out about upcoming opportunities?

To reach as many potential suppliers, consultants, and contractors as possible, Centro uses the following to publicize procurement opportunities:
  • Centro website (http://www.centro.org) for Current Procurement Opportunities
    RFP, IFB, or IFQ documents must be requested from the Designated Contact listed on the advertised procurement project.
  • Local Periodical Classifieds
    Advertisements announcing procurement projects appear in The Post Standard, CNY Vision, The Citizen, Rome Sentinel, Palladium Times, Utica Observer Dispatch, and Minority Commerce.
  • New York State Contract Reporter
    Procurement solicitations that are anticipated to exceed $15,000 appear in the New York State Contract Reporter. For subscription information, contact the New York State Contract Reporter at http://www.nyscr.com

How does the procurement process work?

Bids and proposals are solicited as follows (procurements in excess of $25,000 are advertised):
  • Informal Quotations
    For commodity/service purchases totaling less than $25,000, Centro will telephone, e-mail, or fax potential sources to obtain a quotation.
  • Invitation for Bid
    An Invitation for Bid is used to obtain bids when a contract is being competitively bid. Potential suppliers and contractors are required to submit bids, which are opened at a public meeting (the location, date, and time is specified in the Bid).
  • Request for Proposal
    Request for Proposal is used when a contract is being competitively negotiated. A selection committee evaluates submitted proposals and, based on the selection criteria set forth in the RFP, negotiates with the most qualified proposers before awarding a contract.

How are contract awards determined by the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority?

Procedures for awarding contracts differ depending on whether the contract is based on an Informal Quotation, Invitation for Bid, or Request for Proposal. Informal Quotation solicitations, Invitations for Bid, and Purchase Orders are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. It is the responsibility of the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority to determine whether or not the lowest responsive bidder can responsibly fulfill the contract or purchase order. Delivery, performance, quality, and ability to meet bid specifications are all important considerations when evaluating a bidder's level of responsiveness.
For contracts based on RFP's, a number of criteria are considered. Pertinent experience, proven management skills, qualified key personnel, ability to perform within given time constraints, past performance, quality of previous bid documents, demonstrated professionalism, and other criteria specific to each contract may all become part of the negotiations that lead to the awarding of a contract based on an RFP.
Please contact any member of the Procurement Department listed in the Staff Directory for assistance with specific questions.