Transit Advertising


Are you looking for an effective and cost-efficient form of advertising to promote your business or service? Transit advertising is a quick and easy way of generating valuable impressions that can quickly lead to sales.

Benefits to Transit Advertising

  • High Reach - Transit advertising can reach a large number of people without having to compete for ad space or airtime.
  • High Frequency - Transit advertising not only provides greater frequency than newspaper, television, or radio advertising - it can help build better brand recognition.
  • Branding and Call to Action Capabilities - Transit advertising can effectively increase consumer awareness through long-term exposure and the use of large, simple displays that can help brand an advertiser's name.
  • Extensive Coverage - Transit advertising provides extensive market coverage using full color designs that are eye catching and command attention.
  • Large Audience - With consumers spending less time at home than ever before, placing your message outdoors allows you to target a large audience of passing individuals.

Advertising opportunities are available in the following markets:
Syracuse, Utica, Oswego, Auburn, Fulton and Rome.


Learn more about how transit advertising can impact your business in our Transit Media Guide (PDF) or contact Lamar Transit Syracuse at (315) 278-0748.