Fares & Passes FAQs

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What passes can I buy from the farebox? (video)

You can purchase 3 types of passes:

  • Day Pass: This pass is good for 24 hours and is priced at $4.00 for Full Fare and $2.00 for those who qualify for Half Fare.
  • MAX Pass: This pass is good for seven consecutive days, and unlimited ride usage. The cost is $12.00 for Full Fare and $6.00 for those who qualify for Half Fare.
  • 10-Ride Pass: Pricing is $10.00 for Full Fare, and $5.00 for those who qualify for Half Fare.

How do I purchase a pass from the farebox? (video)

“Say it before you pay it!” Notify the driver which pass you would like to purchase; the driver will then select the pass on the farebox. Once the driver has selected your pass option, you can then insert your form of payment. If you don’t pay with the exact amount due, you will receive a change card for the remaining balance.

Can passes be purchased through the farebox with a credit card or
do I have to use cash? (video)

Currently, Centro fareboxes only accept cash or change cards as forms of payment.

How many rides do I get with the MAX Pass? (video)

You receive unlimited rides with Centro’s MAX Pass. The more you ride the better the value.
The MAX Pass is valid for 7 consecutive days. If you are riding more than 3 times a week, Centro recommends that customers purchase a MAX Pass, which offers unlimited rides for $12.00 (full fare) or $6.00 (half fare) for an entire week.

Will I still be able to buy passes at TOPS or the HUB? (video)

Yes, passes may be purchased at area TOPS Friendly Markets and the Centro Transit Hubs in Utica and Syracuse (visit www.centro.org/fares-passes for details). Passes may also be purchased through the pass vending machines located inside the Syracuse and Utica Transit Hubs, or from the customer service representative during regular business hours.  

I don’t want to purchase passes through the farebox.
Where else can I buy them? (video)

Passes may be purchased from pass vending machines located at the Syracuse and Utica Transit Hubs, from customer service representatives during regular business hours, from the Centro Online Stare (www.centro.org/online), over the phone at (315) 442-3400, or from participating pass vendor outlet locations listed at https://www.centro.org/fares-passes.

Which passes can I purchase from the TVMs? (video)

Customers may purchase 10-Ride Passes (Local & Commuter), MAX Passes (Local & Commuter), and Call-A-Bus Passes from the vending machines located in the lobbies of the Syracuse and Utica Transit Hubs.

What do I do if I lose my pass or it doesn’t work? (video)

If you lose your pass or it stops working, please contact our Revenue Collections department at (315) 442-3342.

What happened to my Call-A-Bus 10-Ride Pass in Utica & Rome? (video)

The Call-A-Bus 10-Ride pass for Utica and Rome has been eliminated. If you currently have one, we will still honor it. All rides moving forward will require cash or an individual Call-A-Bus ride pass.

Will Changes Cards still be available? (video)

Yes, Centro still issues change cards from the farebox, which do not expire.

Do I still have to pay an extension fare
if I go beyond my base fare zone? (video)

Extension fares have been eliminated unless you are traveling between Oswego and Syracuse or between Auburn and Syracuse. The fare for those trips will be $3.00 for Full Fare and $1.50 for those who qualify for Half Fare.

Still need help or have a question?

Find all the transportation help and information you need by contacting Centro’s Call Center at 315-442-3400 during our Hours of Operation. Customer Service Representatives are on-hand to help you plan your trip and answer questions about riding the bus. At your request, they can provide you with schedules and brochures about various Centro services and programs.