Using Centro's Trip Planner feature, customers can access schedule information in HTML format by following these steps:

  • Select the Route Schedules option from the left panel of the Trip Planner screen.
  • Enter the Date as directed (MM-DD-YYYY), or select a Date using the Calendar. 
  • Select the Time Range (be sure to include either am or pm).
  • Select a Route from the drop-down list provided.
  • To access schedule information for specific stops on a route check Select Specific Stops.
  • Click Get Schedule.

A list of all major stops on the selected bus route will be displayed in HTML format in the box to the right. To change the direction of the stops, click Reverse. Clicking on each stop will display a pop up window with the stop details shown on the map.

NOTE: When selecting your direction of travel, it is important to know that no bus route travels entirely east, west, north or south. For example, if you choose the direction of east, not every stop along the route can actually be facing eastbound. 

  • Click View Schedule to see the schedules for all major stops, OR
  • Click Select Specific Stops.

If you click on Select Specific Stops, choose one of the following options: Timing Points only, All Stops, or Select from the list of Stops below (be sure to select one or more stops from the list of stops provided underneath this option) and then click Get Schedule.


NOTE: Stops displayed in bold are precise timing points, while all other stops are estimated times. When looking up a schedule, please review Centro’s Service Alerts for re-routes that may be in effect, and consider any Special Stopping Procedures associated with your route.