Lost & Found

To inquire about a lost item, please call (315) 442-3400 or email us at cnyrta@centro.org. If we have your item, it may be claimed at a Centro office between 8:00am and 5:00pm weekdays.

Centro’s Lost and Found Policy is as follows:


  1. Perishable food items are discarded immediately.


  2. Clothing items are discarded immediately for health & safety purposes.
    1. If clothing is new in a shopping bag with tags attached, it will be held for 15 days.


  3. Backpacks are inventoried and held for 15 days.


  4. Cell Phones are held for 15 days.
    1. Phones are only given out to the claimant if they can provide the lock code and a description of the screen saver.


  5. Bikes, strollers, and push carts are held for 15 days.


  6. Syracuse City School ID's are mailed to the schools for redistribution to the students.


  7. College IDs are held for 15 days.


  8. Wallets and purses are held for 15 days.

  9. Legal and/or Illegal Substances
    1. Items including but not limited to, marijuana, alcoholic beverages, non- packaged/non-labeled prescription drugs, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia or dangerous objects/instruments are prohibited and will be discarded immediately.

  10. Except for school IDs mailed to the school, all items must be claimed in person.