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Predictable New York State Funding Needed!

In order to operate a sustainable public transportation system, Centro must have sufficient and predictable funding sources in place that adequately address the service needs of its community. Centro has been working in conjunction with State elected officials to secure additional funding and to change the funding structure on a long-term basis. A change to the funding structure is necessary in order to provide for a more consistent and secure funding stream from the State.

Contact New York State Representatives Now!

The budget is now being considered by the New York State Senate and Assembly. We are asking you to contact New York State leaders and ask them to make funding of Upstate public transportation a priority.

It is essential that we remind our state legislators of the importance of public transportation. The Central New York economy can only grow with a vibrant public transportation system. Our communities need a public transportation system that is reliable and safe for transporting citizens to work, health care appointments, retail centers, and to visit with family and friends. Please let your New York State elected representatives know public transportation is important to Central New York! Contact information for our elected officials is as follows: