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Mobility On-Demand (MOD)


Centro Rome Transit Transformation 

As part of Centro’s effort to improve its transportation services, Centro is planning to transition Rome’s current bus system into a new combination of traditional fixed route and Mobility-on-Demand (MOD) services.

The goal is to provide more access, flexibility, and options to riders of Rome's transit system, which has not changed in almost 20 years and is ready for optimization.
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MOD serves riders where they want it, when they want it. Often called microtransit, MOD vehicles are requested via an app or by phone, and vehicles pick up riders within a timeframe they specify. Trips are shared by multiple riders who request rides in the same timeframe and are paid ahead of time via the app or when boarding the vehicle.


Using accessible transit vehicles that are smaller than buses, MOD is more efficient and can make point-to-point connections across Rome. On-demand transit has been successfully deployed in Upstate NY and around the country. Under the proposed service, Call-A-Bus service in Rome will not change.



Centro is looking at several elements of this proposed service including including:

  • Network Structure
    • Where will bus service remain intact?
    • Where in Rome is MOD the best fit?
  • MOD & Fixed-Route Service Orientation
    • How will MOD vs. fixed-route access be organized to maximize Centro’s efficiency and effectiveness in Rome?
    • How will MOD link with bus routes?
  • Balanced Mobility
    • How can MOD & bus use be balanced to promote ongoing effectiveness?

Centro’s transition to MOD in Rome will provide more efficient and effective mobility citywide, achieving the following goals:

  • Provide more attractive options that serve more destinations and increase ridership
  • Improve the customer experience with more flexible and convenient service
  • Adjust service levels to fit current demand and travel patterns in Rome
  • Maximize service effectiveness and efficiency while minimizing impacts on current customers
  • Encourage economic development and improve quality of life through access to jobs, shopping, and services.


We’d like your feedback on these proposed concepts. You can start by taking this quick survey:



Centro is also holding a series of pop-up meetings in coming weeks. These meetings will be small and will allow for 1-on-1 conversations with riders and other community members who would like to be involved in shaping the new Centro system in Rome. Here are the locations, dates, and times:

Centro Downtown Hub
207 W. Liberty St., Rome, NY 13440

Sep. 12: 1pm to 5pm
Sep. 13: 10am to 1pm
Sep. 14: 7am to 11am

5815 Rome-Taberg Rd., Rome, NY 13440

Sep. 12: 7am to 11am
Sep. 13: 3pm to 6pm
Sep. 14: 1pm to 5pm

If you cannot attend any of these meetings and still want to be involved, you can contact Centro in any of the following ways:

Email: cnyrta@centro.org 

Phone: (315) 442-3400

Mail: 200 Cortland Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13205 

Fax: (315) 442-3337 

Social Media: @GoCentroBus 


Finally, once a system design is chosen, a larger community meeting will be held to gather final input from the community before the new system is implemented. A time and date has yet to be determined. Please check this page for updates. The goal is to roll-out a new Centro system in the spring of 2024.


We thank you for you input and continued support of Centro’s public transportation services.