Schedule Changes

Effective Monday, March 1, 2021

Service changes include:


  • Sy 20: Established a new bus route to connect James St to jobs along Molloy Rd, Schulyer Rd, and the Hancock Airpark. Redundant service on the James - Midler route were eliminated.
  • Sy 20: Extended the 7:10 am 122 trip to Walmart. Changed inbound trip to start from Walmart.
  • Sy 64: Rescheduled the weekday 10:45 am and 1:10 pm Grand Ave trips to operate on West Onondaga.

Route Modifications

  • Sy 40: The inbound 7:30 am 340 Drumlins trip no longer operates the Scott loop.
  • Sy 40: Streamlined the 340/340C Drumlins trips to operate on Broad St, between Lancaster Ave and Fellows Ave.
  • Sy 64: Changed the Grand Ave routing to use Hoefler St instead of Holden St.

Time Adjustments

  • Sy 62: The 7:43 am inbound Sy162 trip now departs at 7:40 am and adjustments were made to intermediate times to downtown.
  • Sy 942: Minor time change to CBA #51 route.

For detailed service changes, customers may consult the new timetables, available onboard Centro buses, at Centro’s customer service office at the Transit Hub, or online at www.centro.org.


Questions may be directed to Centro’s Call Center at (315) 442-3400.