Schedule Changes

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Centro will implement the following service changes on Tuesday, September 6, 2022:


  • SY16: Rescheduled the late night trips to operate the 316 North Salina - Electronics Pk route into Liverpool.
  • SY64: Rescheduled four trips per day to supply additional service to St Camillus (Weekday, Saturday & Sunday).
  • SY86: Added a weekday 6:20 am trip to get workers to shifts at Crossroads Park.
  • SY966: Extended existing weekday trips in the morning and afternoon to Nob Hill Apartments.
  • SY972: Added a weekday afternoon direct bus from ITC to the west side neighborhoods.
  • SY974: Added a weekday afternoon direct bus from PSLA to the east side and south side neighborhoods.

Route Modification

  • SY874: Minor routing changes.
  • SY921: Minor routing changes.
  • SY926: Minor routing changes.

Service Restoration

  • SY220: Added a weekday 7:05 am 220 James St - Molloy Rd - Airpark trip from the Hub to meet worker shifts at the Airpark.
  • SY240: Added a weekday 7:40 am trip from the Hub to Nob Hill. This bus will return downtown at 9:00 am.
  • SY52: Added a weekday 252 Court St - Pond St at 4:55 am from the Hub that will return downtown at 5:40 am.
  • SY58: Added a weekday 5:20 pm trip from the Hub to service the Carrier Circle hotels.

Time Adjustment

  • SY340: Rescheduled the weekday 7:40 am trip from the Hub to Drumlins to 7:50 am.
View the updated schedules for more information, or contact Centro’s Call Center at (315) 442-3400.