Schedule Changes

Effective Monday, September 14, 2020

Service changes include:


  • SU343: The new SU343 Genesee-Westcott route will now operate weekdays during the day.
  • SU 45: The Saturday SU 45 SU-Destiny Shuttle service will now operate from 2:10 pm to 7:10 pm. (See revised schedule for details.)


  • SU 45: The Friday SU 45 SU-Destiny Shuttle service has been eliminated.
  • SU145: The SU145 James St-Westcott route has been eliminated.
  • SU245: The SU 245 SU-Nob Hill shuttle route has been eliminated.
  • Sy 40: The SU Nob Hill Fare Free Zone will now end at Brighton Ave & Ainsley Dr.
  • Sy 874: The Sy 874 route has been eliminated. OnTech students will be transported by another bus carrier.

Time Adjustments

  • SU345: The SU345 Thurber service now runs weekdays from 7:43 am to 10:30 am.
  • Sy 10: Minor adjustments were made to the times on the Sy410 Nedrow trips heading towards downtown.
  • Sy 36: The weekday 2:20 pm Sy 36 Camillus trip was moved to 2:25 pm. (See updated electronic schedule for trip details.)
  • Sy936/Sy942/Sy958/Sy966: Private school service will resume on 9/14. This corresponds with the SCSD resuming distance learning classes. There have been changes to many arrival and dismissal times. SAS service will not operate on Wednesdays. 
  • Sy921/Sy926/Sy931/Sy972/Sy974: SCSD High School service to tentatively resume on 10/5. There have been changes to many arrival and dismissal times. These High Schools will not operate on Wednesdays.

For detailed service changes, customers may consult the new timetables, available onboard Centro buses, at Centro’s customer service office at the Transit Hub, or online at www.centro.org.


Questions may be directed to Centro’s Call Center at (315) 442-3400.