Schedule Changes

Monday, March 4, 2024

On Monday, March 4, 2024 Centro will implement the following service changes:

Service Enhancement

  • ROME CITY: The new Rome system redesign begins. The Rome 2, Rome 5 & Rome 6 routes are shortened and streamlined. Trips will now opeate at a 30 minute frequency. Service in the Rome 4, Rome 7 & Rome 9 areas are replaced with an on demand service called MOVE.
  • UT 12: On Saturday, the 7:38am trip to downtown and the 8:45am trip from downtown will operate to the Starting Line Apartments.
  • UT 29: Select evening #229 trips on weekdays and Saturday will now operate #129 route. From downtown: 5:45pm, 6:15pm & 7:10pm. To downtown: 5:55pm & 6:25pm.
View the updated schedules for more information, or contact Centro’s Call Center at (315) 442-3400.