MOVE is an innovative form of transportation that connects riders with other transit services. The app-based technology matches multiple riders headed in a similar direction into a single vehicle, allowing for quick and efficient shared trips.

Trips must start and end within the designated service area. After booking a ride, the app will display the pick-up location where the vehicle will meet you. This is a corner-to-corner service, so you will be picked up and dropped off close to your destination. Since this is a shared ride service you may board with others in the vehicle or stop along the way to pick up other passengers. Please plan ahead to give yourself enough time to get to your destination. Wait times can range between 15 - 30 mins when there is high demand for rides. If you have questions or need additional help booking a ride, call 315-356-MOVE.

MOVE is in one zone located in Rome. Check out this map.

Download the MOVE app today!

Download the app from your favorite app store or call 315-356-MOVE to help set up your account or to get help booking a ride.

The regular adult one-way fare is $1.00 to or from the hub and $4.00 to anywhere in the zone, so grab your friends and take a ride!

Here’s how it works:

Icon Download the MOVE app

Icon Set up your account using a debit or credit card or choose cash to pay on board. 

Icon Request a ride – we’ll pick you up nearby in minutes!

Icon Get in and go!

What to do if you need a little help.

Riders who use mobility devices can request a ride from an accessible vehicle by selecting wheelchair accessibility in their profile. Once turned on, all trips will be booked with an accessible vehicle.

If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can get help booking a ride by calling 315-356-MOVE. You may also use this number for questions about the MOVE app or any other questions regarding the service. Or send a message to rider support at CNYRTA@centro.org


How to Pay

You can pay for your ride in the MOVE app using a credit or debit card. These cards can be added in your app or you can pay in cash when entering the vehicle.

For those booking rides for multiple riders (ie. groups going to the same destination), you can book using your method of payment and include up to three (3) additional riders.  Additional riders will also be billed to your account to ensure that all riders are scheduled for the same trip/ vehicle. 

You can also pay by selecting: ‘Cash at Pickup’ in the app under Payment Methods and have exact change when you board.

Centro ride passes are NOT valid payment for MOVE service.

MOVE uses a platform designed and managed by Via. Via’s technology matches multiple riders headed in the same direction into a single vehicle and stops will be made according to the destinations of the riders.

To provide feedback on the service or Centro specific questions, please contact Centro's MOVE customer service at 315-356-MOVE or at CNYRTA@centro.org.

To get help booking a ride, questions about the MOVE app or any other questions regarding MOVE’s services you can call 315-356-MOVE or send a message to Customer Support at CNYRTA@centro.org.

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