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Mobility Device Securement System



The Q'Straint - Mobility Device Securement System (or Blue Straps) are installed on the main frame of a mobility device such as a power wheelchair or scooter, for a more secure bus ride. Drivers will safely attach the four point mobility device securement system to these blue straps.

Why are the Q'Straint Straps needed?

  • The purpose of the Q'Straint Straps is to make it easier and safer for customers in mobility devices to ride Centro.
  • A Travel Training Specialist will determine if the Q'Straint Straps are necessary on your mobility device, and will also decide the correct size and location for the straps.

How much do the Q'Straint Straps cost?

  • The first pair of Q'Straint Straps are FREE. There may be a replacement fee if straps are lost or destroyed.

Call today to set up your appointment to have the Q'Straint blue straps installed!

  • Onondaga County: (315) 442-3366
  • Cayuga County: (315) 253-5765
  • Oswego County: (315) 342-4400
  • Oneida County: (315) 797-7803

What if I cannot travel to the Centro Transit Hub on those days or times?

Riders can set up an appointment to have Q'Straint Straps attached to their mobility device via:
Email: cnyrta@centro.org
Phone: (315) 442-3366