Trip Link

 Introducing Trip Link - the Automated Trip Management Phone System for Paratransit.

On October 3, 2016 Call-A-Bus launched its automated trip management system (IVR). This system offers customers the ability to book, confirm, or cancel their reservations 24 hours a day - 7 days a week using their touch-tone phone.

Trip Link Brochure (PDF) (TXT)
Folleto de Trip Link - Espanol (PDF) (TXT)


Trip Link is a fast, free 24-hour phone system that allows Call-A-Bus and OSCAR customers to request, confirm, or cancel trips using a touch-tone phone. Trip Link eliminates the need for customers to speak with a transportation coordinator or make a second call to confirm their trips. Trip Link also offers shorter call wait times and reduces the likelihood of missing a trip by providing automated call reminders.

Trip Link Features

  • Schedule, confirm, or cancel trip reservations 24/7 using a touch-tone phone.
  • Trip Link calls customers the day before their scheduled trip to confirm trip times and vehicle type or the next day.
  • Reminder calls are made to customers 15 minutes prior to each scheduled trip.
  • Eliminates the need to speak directly with a transportation coordinator.
  • Trip Link calls customers 60 days prior to their Call-A-Bus eligibility expiration to remind them to recertify.

How It Works

  • When calling the trip reservation line, customers are connected to the Trip Link system.
  • Customers will be prompted to enter their ID# using their telephone keypad.
  • Trip Link will then prompt customers to enter their password.
  • Once the customer has entered their password, the system will redirect them to the main menu where they can request, confirm, or cancel trips by following voice prompts and entering responses on their touch-tone phone keypad.

Getting Started

To request, confirm or cancel a trip, or to access information on a current reservation, call one of the following numbers:


Syracuse / Auburn / Oswego:

(315) 442-3420

Utica / Rome:

(315) 797-1703


Please have your 4 or 5-digit ID# and your password ready before placing your call:


ID Number

Example: 54321

Password (Date of Birth)

Example: 01/31/55 (mm/dd/yy)

Trip Link Main Menu

Voice Options Touch-Tone
Confirmations 1
Cancellations 2
Reservations 3
Client Information 4
Password 5
Application / Information 9

Once a selection has been made, customers will be directed through additional prompts until the desired information has been accessed.


Live Chat / Help

Customers may press “0” at any time to be connected with a transportation coordinator. Note: Although Trip Link is available 24/7, transportation coordinators are only available during regular business hours:



8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Weekends & Holidays:

8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Auto Confirmations / Reminders

The night before a scheduled trip, Trip Link will call the primary phone number on file to confirm the trip. Trip Link will confirm the customer’s name, day/date of trip, number of trips scheduled, pick-up address, estimated pick-up time, and vehicle type. At the end of each announced scheduled trip, press “1” to confirm the trip, “2” to cancel it, or “ * ” to repeat the trip. Trip Link will also make reminder calls 15 minutes prior to each scheduled trip.


Trip Link Tips

  • Press “0” for assistance.
  • Press “# 1” to go back to the Main Menu.
  • Press “ * ” to repeat a Trip Link function.
  • To receive reminder calls when away from home, set your cell phone number as your primary call number on file.